Because of our work in the hospitality industry through our sister company Guests 247 Limited we have become aware of just how much the big OTA’s like and Expedia etc. charge the business owners for each booking that goes through their systems. On average the hoteliers are having to pay around 17% commission fees on every single booking – when you think of the small business owners charging around £50-£60 a room and only receiving 83% of that already small amount you realise why so many are going out of business. We don’t like that at all. We value these businesses and love working with them so we decided to do something about this, to give them another way to list and promote their businesses without any commission fees. In fact we offer FREE listings to anyone then 2 options with small yearly fees for anyone wanting some additional features.

Take a look at – we call it a revolution in hotel bookings and if that sounds like a bold claim then just think what a difference an extra 17% on every single room booking will make to small business owners who are just looking to make ends meet. Also it benefits the customers booking the rooms because if they hotel isn’t losing any money to the booking agent they can afford to invest more in the property or offer lower room rates.

So whether you run a BnB, Hotel, Guest House, Camping Site or even a Pub or Restaurant and want a better, cheaper (FREE is pretty cheap!) way to get bookings or you are looking to book your next break away or meal then head over to and join the revolution!