Book Direct 247 Branding and Web Directory Project

Book Direct 247 Branding and Web Directory Project

Book Direct 247 is a passion piece for us. We do a lot of work with businesses in the hospitality industry through our Guests 247 brand. Guests 247 if you don’t already know offers the same services and products we do here on Brand Power 247 but tailored to fit the hospitality industries requirements. There are specific needs that businesses operating int eh hospitality need and we wanted to be able to make it simpler and easier for them to get just what they need so we created Guests 247.

The more we worked with our Guests 247 clients the more we heard about just how much it costs them to feature on OTA (Online Travel Agency) websites like,, Trip Adviser, Expedia etc. It may shock you to hear on average they have to pay around 17% commission on every single room booking they get through those platforms. To put some perspective on that lets look at a typical small guest house charging around £50-60 a night for a room. This isn’t some massive corporation making millions a year but a small family run business just trying to make enough money to survive. Losing 17% of an already very small amount of money makes any profit (if any) way below what they need. You may think “why should I care so long as I get my cheap room?” well firstly these small places are going out of business at an alarming rate because they aren’t making enough money to survive. Secondly if they get more money then you will get a better experience because properties will be better maintained and the facilities will be improved more often.

So we decided something needed to be done about this, we put a lot of thought into this and several meetings to bash out a plan and we came up with Book Direct 247 which we describe as “A revolution in hotel booking sites” why a revolution? Simple, any business can list their property and rooms on our Book Direct 247 Directory for FREE. We do offer 2 paid accounts that allow additional listings with a few more features to suit the larger businesses but anyone can take advantage of our alway FREE account to get listed on the site. When it comes to booking we actually link straight to the businesses own website or booking platform so they take the booking directly which means you get the very best deal and they get 100% of the amount you pay. We never take any commission at all. Even on our paid accounts its a simple small yearly fee and ZERO commission on bookings.

This can make a huge difference to the money they have coming in – not only do they get 100% of the booking but also hey get the money instantly not weeks later when the OTA pays out.

So take look and even better why not book your next stay through and know you are helping a small business to survive?


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